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“You will change the world.” That’s what Mitchell’s father told this beautiful couple in a toast at the reception. I didn’t know this couple until their wedding day, but by that night, I knew that his father was serious when he said that. I fully believe that this couple will indeed change the world.

As a vendor at weddings, I’ve learned to put up with a lot of condescension and negativity from coordinators, families, and even brides. And I don’t blame them, because it’s a very important day, and they just don’t want anything to go wrong. But Courtney and Mitchell and their families stood out. I have never felt so loved and accepted while filming as I did when I shot their wedding. Both of them remembered my name, asked me about myself and my work, and sincerely thanked me throughout the day. I was absolutely blown away.

And it’s people like this that keep me going. Not just in filming weddings, but in life. They’re the kind of people that you never forget, because you feel so appreciated and loved just for doing your job and being yourself. Nothing else is required of you…they just love you because you’re you. And I know some of you may be doubting that I could pick up on that in one day with them, but I know that if you met them, you would think the same thing.

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Filmed by Taylor Stanley, Matt Johnson, and Kylie Best

Edited by Matt Johnson

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