Everything’s Magic – Angels & Airwaves Drum Cover

I grew up with this guy, and I remember the first time he started playing drums. He was terrible. Like, absolutely terrible.

Obviously things have drastically changed now. Travis is a top-notch drummer with incredible rhythm. He’s also my roommate, which makes for an obscene amount of spontaneous beat-boxing and musical craziness (including, but not limited to, buying a steel drum just to play “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” more effectively, writing songs about Pizza Hut, and using every item in the kitchen as a percussive apparatus).

I’m blown away by how much he’s improved since high-school, and I’m glad to be able to shoot this drum cover series for him. Oh and in case you didn’t know, I’m shooting these videos for him as a tradeoff. I recently proposed to my beautiful fiancé, and Travis engineered and produced an album of some of my mushy love songs. We put them on vinyl and…well, she said yes, and I’m getting hitched. Thanks, Trav!

Thanks to Mark Cervantes of 1615 Productions for doing the sound engineering.  And thanks to TRCoA (The Recording Conservatory of Austin) for letting us use their super cool studio.

Oh and give Travis some love and like his page on Facebook.

Cameras - Sony FS700, Canon 7D

Lenses - Canon 200 f/2.8L, Sigma 35mm f/1.4, Canon 18-135,  (also used Metabones Speed Booster for L-glass on the FS700)

Stabilization - Manfrotto 547B Tripods, Manfrotto 501HDV fluid head, Manfrotto 701HDV head, F&V Slider, Glidecam HD-2000

Editing - Premiere Pro CC

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