Justin & Kirby Betancourt

This was definitely the first time I filmed a wedding with two broken feet.

The day before this wedding, I was playing street basketball with some fellow interns in downtown Houston after a long day of work. I went up for a baseline jumpshot, and came down on the edge of the concrete slab, which sat about 3 inches above the dirt/grass next to it. My foot landed just perfectly to where I rolled it all the way over and sprained pretty much everything. I also crushed a bone into pieces.But being my stubborn self, I was certain that it was just a minor sprain, and that I could just walk it off. So I jumped back into the game. I was a little more careful not to drive the lane this time (that’s my version of resting my foot and being careful), but instead I just made outside shots. But when we were two points away from winning the game, and I saw the perfect opportunity to sprint towards the goal for a layup, I couldn’t resist. But as I came down from the layup, I landed my other ankle on the same perilous ledge, and broke my other foot. This time I knew it was broken, and so did everyone else.

“Holy ****, Taylor! Are you okay?!”

“Agghhhh! Did I make the shot!?”

I did. We won. And although I thought it was worth it at the time, the x-rays proved me wrong. And so did a 17 hour day of filming this wedding. At 5:36-5:39 in the video, you can see me standing with my buddy Chris, wearing my boot, which, by the way, wasn’t nearly as effective a pain-prevention device as was the bottle of Vikodin pills you can see bulging out of my pocket.


Filmed by: Matt Johnson, Taylor Stanley, Kylie Best

Edited by: Kirby Betancourt (the bride!)

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