MatthewTiffany Music // Hallelujah

Matthew and Tiffany perform an alternate, acoustic version of their song “hallelujah” off their new record, LIMITLESS (releasing in 2012). Recorded at Mugwalls Java Bar in College Station, Texas. Filmed by Taylor Stanley, Head of Cinematography Branch of Creative New World and assistant Phil Barrington. creativenewworld.com

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“HALLELUJAH” written by: Matthew and Tiffany Humphrey
sing hallelujah to the lamb. the lamb whose blood was shed for me. i sing praises to the one. the one whose love has set me free. // hallelujah, you are good // behold, my savior is alive and by his love we are redeemed. may all his children now return and forever we will sing in unity. // hallelujah, you are good // people lift your eyes. church begin to rise. be all that he’s called you to be. he’s coming back to find his pure and spotless bride. together let us rise and sing.

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