Rachel & Andrew

“This is the most beautiful wedding I’ve been to, and I can’t believe it’s my own.” That’s what Rachel told me at the after party, and it made my heart so happy. My beautiful sister got a beautiful wedding with an incredible man that loves her well. I couldn’t be happier to add a new brother to our family.

My sister has always been one of my favorite people in the world…well, once we got past the adolescent fighting, that is. But even then, she’s always been pretty awesome.

I always imagined that when Rachel started dating guys that I would step up and threaten a guy if they ever so much as put a finger on her. It would be some scary moment where I establish dominance and hopefully induce an unexpected bowel movement. Unfortunately, I never had that moment – for a few reasons. The first is that Andrew is one of the most chill, down to earth guys I’ve ever met. I knew I didn’t need to put the fear of getting murdered into his head. Secondly, he kiiiinda looks like he could be my brother. That took me off guard a bit at first. Enough to give me time to realize how much of a cool guy he is. And lastly, he’s perfect for my quirky sister. So there was no need for dominance or threats :)

I film a lot of weddings, so it was wonderful to simply attend and enjoy this one. Thanks Matt Johnson and Ashley Hayes for filming. Oh and our mom did a wonderful job on the decorations and design. She is Pinterest incarnate.


Cameras - Sony FS700, Sony FS100, Canon 1DX, Canon 7D

Lenses - Canon 200 f/2.8L, Canon 24 f/1.4, Canon 50 f/1.2, Canon 85 f/1.2 , Canon 200 f/2.8 (also used Metabones Speed Booster on the FS700 and FS100)

Stabilization - Manfrotto 547B Tripods, Manfrotto 501HDV fluid head, Manfrotto 701HDV head, Cinevate Atlas Slider, Glidecam HD-4000

Editing - Premiere Pro CC

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  • Phyllis Green on March 29, 2015

    Hard to type when tears are rolling down your face. SO beautiful. SO touching!! P e r f e c t. . .which is only fitting.

    Rarely am I at a loss for words, but this is one of those times.

    All I can think to say is you are beautiful inside and out, and yours
    was everything a wedding should be, and more.

    Aunt Phyllis

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