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Can I just say that these guys are some of the most incredible performers I know? Brandon DuBois, the drummer for Scientist, asked me to come out to The Stafford in Bryan and grab some footage from a live show. I didn’t know that they were going to chop it up and make it a music video, and I just found it online about a year later.

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t prepared for their live show. I arrived with some basic camera gear, expecting nothing more than a couple upbeat songs and maybe some crowd surfing. No. These guys tore it up. I’m pretty sure that by the end of the concert, each of them had played every instrument on stage. They were running around, jumping off of speakers, throwing drums to each other, getting off stage into the crowd, letting fans hold their instruments while they played them, letting the fans play the drums, and on and on. If you get a chance to see Scientist live, DO IT. You won’t regret it.

Oh and by the way, their song “Criminal” just hit the top of the Billboard Rock chart last month. NBD.

Scientist Criminal Chart Topper

Scientist Criminal Chart Topper

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