The Orphan’s Psalm

Listen to The Orphan’s Psalm

It was 4:00 a.m. on a Summer night in 2011. Phil and I had attempted fasting, which, like always, ended up turning into late-night, back-to-back Fuego and Whataburger runs. We were sitting in his living room, deliriously strumming and picking away on our guitars. I randomly played what is now the melody to this song, and Phil shot up, startling me. “Play that again!” he almost yelled. “Dude, I don’t even remember what I just played,” I shot back. But after 10-12 minutes of trying to figure it out, we recovered what I had played and started writing lyrics and the rest of the music.

Fast-forward to the Fall of 2012. We had tried so many times to finish writing the song, and just couldn’t make it happen. Raegin was in town, and we decided to ask her if she could help us finish it. She pored over the lyrics for a bit, and came up with the last verse! This one was a long time coming, and we were glad to see it all come together.

The heart behind the song is one that is desperate to know it is loved by God, tired of this world, and ready to come home and see the eyes of its maker.

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