Trellise – University Brand Director Promo

Trellows is a leadership development program that is offered to the top students from major universities, teaching them about technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The Trellows are the University Brand Directors of Trellise.com.

I had the privilege of spending the Summer of 2013 in Houston, TX working for Trellise through an internship as a Trellow. I worked with 15 other students from Rice, Baylor, SMU, OSU, OU, A&M, and UT to develop campus marketing and branding strategies for Trellise. The internship was eye-opening – we heard from successful entrepreneurs, investors, and financiers; we visited several successful start-ups and other businesses; we worked at The Red House; and we got to explore Houston for a whole summer.

As the “Director of Media Explosion” part of my job was to film a promotional video that showed what is was like to be a Trellow. With the help of a few other students in scripting and directing, this is what we came up with. Enjoy!

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