Whom Shall I Fear (ft. Matthew Tiffany)

Listen to Whom Shall I Fear (feat. Matthew Tiffany)

This one was really fun to work on in the studio. It started as just a darker, haunting melody that wasn’t very dynamic. But one night in the studio, there was a massive storm. The streets were flooded and we couldn’t leave. Lightning was lighting up the studio like a strobe light, and the thunder was loud enough to show up in audio recordings. So we decided to roll with it and open the front door and put a microphone on a stand in the entry way to record the storm. That kind of set the pace for the rest of the song, and we knew we wanted it to be big. So we wrote the line “You are life; in you my life is found. Whom shall I fear?” We added it to the song and just decided to make it bigger and bigger. We added choir vocals and just made it huge.

This is another one of those declaration songs. It helps me to believe the truth about God when I sing it over myself in faith. Seriously, try it.

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